Extensive Consulting Experience
Potomac Software's consultants have extensive experience with a variety of applications, technologies and companies. We combine software development expertise and customer commitment to meet your deadlines with software that works.

Recent Projects
Some of Potomac Software's recent projects include:

** Facing an extremely aggressive schedule, Northrup Grumman turned to Potomac Software to lead the development of a key J2EE-and-Web-based radio management system for police, fire and defense forces of the United Kingdom.

** Working with IBM, Potomac Software developed an innovative, metadata-driven solution to enterprise application integration for the Internal Revenue Service's Modernized eFile (MEF) project. Developed using Java, J2EE, XML and WebSphere technologies, and involving significant complexity and data volumes, the MEF project was awarded the "Best of the Best" Pioneer Award in 2003.

** Potomac Software created unique J2EE and Java technology to migrate CertainTeed Insulation Group's B2B Web site from a proprietary application server to J2EE, JSPs and Weblogic. Potomac's efforts preserved CertainTeed's million-dollar investment in the e-commerce site, which is now taking three times as many orders as before the migration.

** The e-commerce site www.comsearch.com was prototyped for Comsearch by Potomac Software to sell wireless communications products and services. Working with Comsearch's engineers and graphic designers, Potomac Software consultants created authentication, authorization, order placement and fulfillment, payment, accounting and reporting Web pages and backend components using Java, RMI and JRun.

** Potomac Software provided J2EE consulting to telecommunciations vendor ACE*COMM to develop the next, J2EE-based generation of billing, data collection, alarm processing, provisioning, work orders, trouble tickets, cable management, force management and inventory software. This software has since won "Communication Solutions" magazine Product of the Year award

** The first offline Web browser was developed by Potomac Software for Freeloader, Inc., an Internet startup based in Washington, D.C. The first version was developed in 3 months, fufilling an important business goal and paving the way for NewsEdge Corporation's $38 million acquisition of Freeloader within six months of startup.

** Potomac Software provided timely development services to a XML startup, allowing that company to finish a prototype version of an Java and Swing-based XML browser needed to secure funding. We'd like to say more, but cannot in order to protect the client's confidentiality.

** Potomac Software was significant in implementing a UNIX-based telephony management system under contract with GTE and the U.S. Air Force. Modules included switch interface, work orders and cable management.

** Potomac Software worked with ISI-INFORTEXT, a Chicago-based vendor of call accounting software to port UNIX-based data collection and billing software to Windows NT.

** PC Data, Inc. of Reston, Virgina retained Potomac Software to develop @PCData, a software package that monitors PC and Web usage under Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 98.

** Level 3 Communications, a multi-billion dollar startup telecomm carrier, came to Potomac Software for assistance in building a prototype UNIX-based provisioning system for their network backbone.

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